Shakil is well versed in all aspects of production, in a wide array of spheres. From photo and film shoots, all the way to mixed reality experiential installations, Shakil has successfully managed all types of projects and activations in the advertising and entertainment worlds.



PHOTOSHOOT: Fujifilm Instax Editorial

With digital photography being so widespread and accessible thanks to the advent of the smartphone camera, Fujifilm was able to capitalize on a counterculture of people wanting to go back to the roots of the craft, with their analog film Instax cameras. My team was tasked with putting together a shoot that showcased the creativity that the average Instax user should strive for, and were given complete creative freedom to meet that end. Collaborating with a team of set designers & stylists, we fabricated an entire set out of construction paper, and carefully posed and positioned our model in multiple positions & outfits across the entire set in order to create the above image.

EXPERIENTIAL: IBM Think Conference Interactive Activations

IBM Think is a first-of-its-kind business and technology event showcasing IBM products, with inspiring sessions, engaging conversations, and revolutionary keynotes. This year, IBM and George P. Johnson tasked my team at Future Colossal to to create engaging content that would showcase their Power 9, Quantum, and Z technologies. To increase user engagement with the content, we employed our custom software to transition the videos when individuals entered and exited the space, while utilizing custom coded SICK LIDAR sensors as the trigger mechanism.

SOFTWARE: MonsterfulVR MLB Training App

MonsterfulVR, a partner company of Future Colossal, tasked me and my team to create a realistic batting experience for budding baseball players and professional players alike. Enter RBI VR: a full fledged virtual batting cage developed completely in Unity and utilizing custom tracking via HTC VIVE hardware. Custom pitch speeds, trajectories, and torque were measured from six of MLB's top pitchers: Justin Verlander, Corey Kluber, Clayton Kershaw, Chris Sale, Dallas Keuchel, and Max Scherzer. This training app has made its mark around the league, being featured at the MLB Winter Meetings, as well as having a variant deployed for the Detroit Tigers development program.